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We save lives with smartphone technology

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Connecting with Smartphones

CARL is a cloud solution that connects with smartphones without any pre-installed software on the device. Currently used by the Swedish Police and Swedish Maritime Administration supporting their 24/7 operations for Search and Rescue activites with locating callers.

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An open letter to Search & Rescue organizations

June 22, 2017

Our mission is to contribute with impactful solutions that utilize the advanced technology available in citizens pockets to all Search & Rescue organizations. Therefore we are now trying to lower the threshold for authorities in EU getting access to our platform for a evaluation within the frame of procurment that is applied in EU.

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Communications of CARL wins prestigious award for life saving solution

March 21, 2017

The Swedish start up company Communications of CARL won the prestigious award “Do-Gooder of the Year 2017” at the Swedish Mobile Awards, which was held in Malmö between March 16-17.

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CARL is supporting the 24-hour operations for search and rescue services executed by the Swedish Maritime Administrations.

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The state of Public Safety

We (CARL) are still new in this industry and by no means are expert in this field, but we do have a long background in IT, telecom and service design the past 20 years and we have made some observations regarding public safety as we have launched our service CARL SML™ one year ago in March 2016.

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