Swedish Maritime Administration in agreement for using CARL

December 20, 2015

Stockholm, SWEDEN – The private tech company Communications of CARL announced today that they will supply the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) with the cloud solution CARL

Communications of CARL CEO Peter Tisell, said: “This is a milestone for us, we strongly believe that CARL will bring value to the 24/7/365 mission critical service the the JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center) performs every day. JRCC will use the module CML (CARL Mobile Locator) to locate people that are drifting at sea or lost in the mountains.

About Communications of CARL

Communications of CARL is a privately owned Stockholm-based company that focus on the public safety sector with innovate solutions. The company delivers a cloud based solution called CARL “Call And Rescue Link”. By establishing a link between the smartphones and CARL it can provide real-time data such as location, chat(RTT), images and live video when you need it the most.

About Swedish Maritime Administration

The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) is responsible authority for Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue Services in Sweden.

The objective of the Swedish Maritime Administration is to ensure search and rescue of people in distress at sea and emergency transportation of patients from ships at sea. Maritime Search and Rescue including medical evacuation from ships shall be performed on 24-hour basis, within areas specified in the Civil Protection Act.


Peter Tisell
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