Lithuanian 112 evaluating CARL

August 26, 2016

Vilnius, LITHUANIA – The private tech company Communications of CARL AB announced today that they will supply the Lithuanian 112 (ERC) during an evaluation period with their cloud solution CARL.

Communications of CARL CEO Peter Tisell, said: “To be able to get feedback from a PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) that is using CARL is very important for us. With feedback generated by a PSAP we can develop our offering even further to meet any changes required to bring more value to PSAPs and we are happy that Lithuanian 112 is our first PSAPs lead by Tadas Maroščikas”

ERC 112 Tadas Maroščikas, said: “With the real-time CARL platform we can now utilize the technology that exists in smartphones today in an easy way”

About Communications of CARL

Communications of CARL is a privately owned Stockholm-based company that targets the public safety sector with innovate solutions. The company delivers a cloud based solution called CARL “Call And Rescue Link”. By establishing a link between the smartphones and CARL it can provide real-time data such as location, chat(RTT), SMS, images and live video when you need it the most without any apps.

About Emergency Response Centre (112 Lithuania)

The main task of the Emergency Response Centre is to answer the emergency calls to the single emergency call number 112 that is used for reporting any offence ongoing, planned or committed, any risk to life or limb, health or safety, the environment, material, non-material or other values and, if necessary, for calling the appropriate emergency services.


Peter Tisell
+46 76 130 1580