Swedish Maritime Administration to extend agreement for usage of CARL

November 07, 2016

Stockholm, SWEDEN – The private service design and tech company Communications of CARL announced today that a new agreement for 2017 between Communications of CARL and the Swedish Maritime Administration has been reached.

The importance of an accurate location of people in distress is crucial when carrying out emergency operations. The cloud solution CARL, Call and Rescue Link now enables SAR and PSAPs with tools to locate people in distress and share media directly from the scene using Smartphones. The Swedish Maritime Administration was the first organisation to use the cloud solution CARL and have been the last two years which led to savings in both cost and lead time for SAR operations. The agreement is now renewed and more functions will be added to further strengthen the rescue operations.

The Swedish Maritime Administration’s air and sea rescue JRCC sends a text message to the person in distress through the cloud service CARL with an internet link. Once the link has been activated according to the instructions the persons location will be directly visible on the SMA (JRCC) screens. The Swedish Maritime Administration has used the service for two years and the cooperation has now been extended further by one year.

– We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with The Swedish Maritime Administration for another year. During the summer season CARL was used in 69 cases where people in distress have been helped much faster and more efficient. We are looking forward to develop CARL further and enable more emergency organizations to start using our service, said Communications of CARL CEO Peter Tisell.

The cloud solution utilize existing functionality in smartphones which means that no extra apps needs to be downloaded. By establishing a link between the smartphones and platform it can not only provide with location data but also chat (real-time texting), images and live video. Rich media is something that the Swedish Maritime Administration (JRCC) are currently evaluating.

– The benefit of using CARL is that it can limit the extent of the rescue operation in cases where a precise location has been provided. It also saves time in search activities, said Laila Svendsen, Operations Manager at the Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (JRCC).

About Communications of CARL

Communications of CARL is a privately owned Stockholm-based company that focus on the public sector with innovative solutions. The company delivers a cloud based solution called CARL ”Call and Rescue Link”. By establishing a link between the smartphones and CARL it can provide real-time data such as location, chat (RTT), images and live video when you need it the most.


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