CARL sign agreement with the Swedish Police

February 10, 2017

Stockholm, SWEDEN – The private service design and tech company Communications of CARL announced today that a new agreement for 2017 has been signed with the Swedish Police.

Since the beginning of 2017 the Swedish Police in Region North have been using CARL SML™ (Call and Rescue Link, Simple Mobile Locator) to locate smartphone callers in distress. After successful trials with the Swedish Police Region North and a proven solution used by the Swedish Maritime Administration (JRCC) for search and rescue operations for the past two years an agreement has now been reached.

CARL SML™ uses existing functionality in smartphones and together with the built-in GPS, web browser and an Internet connection a precise location can be determined. The upside of using the service is that there are no needs for any apps to be installed on the smartphone and it works worldwide.

– It is a fantastic tool that strengthens our capabilities to locate and save people in distress, says André Westberg at Swedish Police in Region North

CARL SML™ will not only locate the caller with better accuracy than other traditional systems, it offers new possibilities to guide the callers back to known landmarks or locations using real-time transmissions of their current location. With this functionality the Police can prevent a situation to become an emergency.

– This is a milestone for us and we are so happy that we now will be able to work together with the Police and contribute to a safer society and meet the public safety challenges ahead, says Peter Tisell CEO at Communications of CARL.

About Communications of CARL

Communications of CARL is a privately own company based in Stockholm, Sweden that focuses on creating innovative solutions within the public safety community. The company offers the cloud solution CARL (Call And Rescue Link). The service CARL SML™ (Simple Mobile Locator) makes it possible for organizations to determine the exact location of smartphone callers.


Peter Tisell, CEO Co-Founder
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