CARL IM™ - Further developed technology to connect with people in distress

February 28, 2017

Barcelona, SPAIN – The private service design and tech company Communications of CARL announced their new service CARL IM™ (Instant Messenger) during the Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Swedish start up company Communications of CARL is now following up the success with their product CARL SML™, which is used to find people in distress by locating their smartphone through GPS-technology. The Company´s new most recent addition, CARL IM™ (Instant Messenger), is based on the same principles as CARL SML™ but is a web-based instant messenger based service which among other benefits makes it possible to communicate with people with hearing and speech difficulties.

CARL - SML™ (Simple Mobile Locator™) is a web based service which is part of the communications platform CARL (Call and Rescue link™). When a person call in to a emergency service center the signal from his or her smartphone can be located through GPS-technology and the person can thereby be located and saved by the rescue staff. This service requires no pre installed applications in the smartphone of the person in need and all it takes to locate him or her is the signal from the smartphone and that he or she clicks on a link which is sent via sms from the rescue center to activate the platform service.

The newly developed additional version of this, which is called CARL IM™, is a web based instant messenger. As voice communication is not always the best way to communicate with a person in need of help, due to for instance hearing and speech difficulties, this addition to SML™ will start a messenger interface suitable for exchanging images and live video from the scene and the conversation between the person in need and the emergency service central can be kept up with using IP messaging and sms when an internet connection is not available.

Among the clients who use the CARL communications platform you find the Swedish Police Region North and the Swedish Maritime Administration JRCC.


Peter Tisell, CEO Co-Founder
+46(0)761 30 15 80