Secure platform

Web based platform

CARL can be used to locate people in distress by using modern web technology and the built in smart phone GPS. It is a web based service which is part of our communications platform CARL (Call and Rescue link).

To handle event driven situations such as emergencies you need support from a system that responds instantly and give you information when you need it the most. CARL platform is designed around real-time and contextual principles.

To be able to support those principles, CARL is based on well tested and modern web technology. The platform is a real-time system, which means that all important events will give you instant feedback keeping you updated at all time with the latest information

The design also allows internal and external integrations for max efficiency and workflow using the API. The platform supports multiple languages / users with individual settings too create a customized and feature rich experience. With integrated GIS & map features it is easy to identify the surroundings of a reported location from a Smartphone.

Among the clients who use the CARL communications platform you find the Swedish Maritime Administration JRCC.


  • Integrated GIS
  • Encrypted communication (SSL)
  • Low investment cost
  • Real-time system
  • Device detection
  • Language detection
  • Support incoming/outgoing SMS
  • Support incoming MMS
  • Multi user support
  • API for external integrations
  • Notifications via SMS/Email
  • Notification SMS delivered
  • Notification when location has been received.

The number of smartphone users is forecast to grow from 1.5 billion in 2014 to around 2.5 billion in 2019. Just over 36 percent of the world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018.

Locate smartphones with high precision

Simple Mobile Locator™

CARL SML (Simple Mobile Locator) is used to trace people in distress by locating their smart phone through GPS-technology. It is a web based service which is part of our communications platform CARL (Call and Rescue link).

When a person call in to a emergency service center the signal from his or her phone can be traced with this device through GPS-technology and the person can thereby be located and saved by the rescue staff. This service requires no pre installed applications in the phone of the person in need and all it takes to locate him or her is the signal from the phone and that he or she clicks on a link, which is sent via sms from the rescue center, to activate the platform service.


  • Precision down to 3 meter (GPS)
  • SyncStateView™
  • Real-time updates in GIS view
  • GPS multiple points (line plot)
  • Device language identification
  • Supports all major vendors/browsers
  • Multiple language support
  • Visuals to indicate progress
  • Step-by-Step progress meter

CARL Web Instant Messenger
Launched at MWC2017 Barcelona!

Real-time video and messaging

Instant Messenger™

CARL IM (Instant Messenger) is based on the same principles as CARL SML but include much more as it is an modern web based messenger service which among other benefits makes it possible to communicate with people with hearing and speech difficulties.

As voice communication is not always the best way to communicate with a person in need of help, due to for instance hearing and speech difficulties.

This service enables an messenger interface suitable for exchanging images and live video from the scene, and the conversation between the person in need and the emergency service central can be kept up with using IP messaging and SMS when an internet connection is not available.


  • Real-time Texting (RTT)
  • IP/SMS/Facebook single conversation
  • Live video stream (WebRTC) Android/iOS (mid 2017)
  • Upload images in conversation
  • Tap to translate (Google Translate)
  • Read EXIF data from images
  • Indicator online/offline status
  • Dynamic feature adaptation